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Akashic Embodiment

Welcome to Akashic Embodiment!!!

I am SO honored to have you here, and that you are possibly interested to learn more about Akashic Embodiment (How to read the Akashic Records)

This course is designed to be a 12-Week Experience where we will learn, grow, and push the boundaries of spirituality together in a loving way. I want to set the desire/dream for it… and let you know a lot more to see if it aligns with your highest intention/self.

This course is truly something I wish I had access to during my spiritual growth, and I truly hope it helps the Ego Sum Community and you, in your spiritual journey!

This course will include 8 Live Calls, 2 pre-recorded calls, and 3 integration weeks. The ‘integration’ weeks are there to support important and allow us to fully embody the work/downloads as we go.

This course is designed for someone who is open to channeling or has some intuitive abilities. While it isn’t required, it will be a lot easier if you have some psychic/intuitive abilities (we can talk about this). However, I really would love to avoid anyone feeling they are not doing it correctly, so if you are worried – let’s chat!!

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