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Akashic Vision course

Alchemizing the Life of your Dreams through the Akashic Records and your personalized Vision Board



As spiritual beings, I believe we have the right, and empowerment to co-create our destiny. Within Akashic Vision, you will be invited to transmute your fear, limitations that no longer serve you, all to find and co-create – the future you desire- now!

In this course, you will have the opportunity to:

• Go within your own Akashic Records and subconscious 

• Receive information from your soul directly to you

This will help you bring about change in the fastest way.

These aren’t something anyone can give you – this is a direct call to hear what your soul wants for you.

Imagine the power of listening to that, and then putting the science with it…

incorporate your body, mind and spirit

“I didn’t know that a Miracle was a reasonable thing to ask for.”
– Marianne Williamson

As humans, we are 42-75% more likely to achieve a goal if we write it down. The key to a regular vision board is to see what you want, and then constantly remember what you desire by seeing that object every day.

The idea is that when a vision board is used correctly, that they play a major role in reprograming our Reticular Activating System (a network of neurons that function as an information filtering system in our brain).

When we are stimulating our brain with visual images, words, symbols and quotes as well as the associated emotions we desire, we are guiding your Reticular Activating System to filter all incoming data. As a result, your RAS will change its filtering process to engage with only the data that it picks up as in alignment with what you are trying to achieve.

A vision board essentially on some levels, reprograms your brain to identify and bring into your life what you want, since you have decided to intentionally hone in on that.

What's included:

Guided Meditation to go into your Akashic Records and receive symbols, colors, ideas, and vibrations directly from your soul that will then be able to placed on your vision board (you can do this as many times as you desire)!

Guided meditation to Transmute Fear – I believe by acknowledging our fear, and then seeing it for what it really is, we take back our personal power and can bring our goals to fruition quickly.

Course Outline

Intro Video
Calling in Fear
Guided Akashic Meditation 
Making a Vision Board 

price list

*No refunds for this event are offered.
*In addition to the course, participants will be receive a list of items to buy to maximize the experience (approximately $15-25 usd).

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If you feel called, I invite you to go into this with an open mind, heart, desire, and to always ask that what you design is in the energy of "this or greater" and "for the highest good of all" and watch as your reality and your experiences begin to rapidly transform. Nothing is too great, with an open heart, for Akashic Vision…


Disclaimer: as with all vision boards and manifestation techniques, this course does not guarantee any particular outcome or manifestation. Any person participating does so with the intention to believe in their own personal power, and ability to take responsibility for their own destiny, with this simply as an empowerment.